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Would you like to quickly increase your profits on corals, inverts, and saltwater fish, and gain the trust of your customers?

Then let Aquarium Arts introduce you to our  Cultured & Cured South Pacific Live Rock.    –   Our fully cultured and cured south pacific live rock will allow your customers to instantly cycle their saltwater fish-only and invert reefs overnight.


What will this do for your business?
Your saltwater customers will be ready to introduce the fish and corals they desire, not “starter” fish, immediately after setting up their aquarium.They will be amazed to learn that they can start introducing permanent, desirable species, like tangs, angels, or clowns, instead of mollies or damsels, into their new tank.

These happy customers will be back to see you within hours, not weeks or months, with a wish-list of animals for their COMPLETELY CYCLED tanks. They will also be very happy not to have to deal with the time, labor, and smell that goes with cycling a live rock tank.

As a retail business owner you will be delighted with the increased revenue and with the ease of hassle-free delivery: you will not have to waste time, money, and valuable retail space taking care of your own live rock.

You can also feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality live rock air freight product available in the United States, from a company that has been producing quality live rock for over thirty years.


How does this work?
Aquarium Arts will ship our cultured and cured south pacific live rock, selected to meet your customers’ needs, via OnTrac 1-2 day freight directly to your store or to your customer’s home or office. On arrival it will be ready to install by you or your employees or held at your store for the customer to pick up and create the reef design themselves.

I have used this method for two and a half decades and it works – I am confident it will work for you.

If you want to take advantage of this plan, call us for the details (661-340-2994). We will ask for a current valid business license/resale certificate. We will give you special prices on initial orders and tell you how you can save more with additional purchases.