Prime Cured Cultured Live Rock

Aquarium Arts Culturing Process

Aquarium Arts starts by buying a natural south pacific dry coral reef rock by the pallet. The dry rock is then pressure washed twice to ensure that there is a very little unwanted dirt or sediment. The dry rock is then placed in 4.8.2 holding tanks where it:

  1. is hand washed with Aquarium Arts signature plate coralline algae culture.
  2. these large tanks also house a large quality of seed crate that are full of hundreds of pounds of wild harvested live rock rubble from over 30 years of doing business.
  3. the third step in the culturing process involves the cultured rock exposed to the super seed Fiji wild harvested live rock stock. Aquarium Arts has over 2,000 lbs of this no longer available wild harvested product just for this unique process. This gives our cultured rock a very unique double exposure to wild micro and macro fauna and flora

With our triple exposure 3 step process we can assure our customers the highest quality completely cultured live rock product available. our cultured live rock is  proudly cultured in the central valley of California. After our cultured rock has reached the 90 day mark, it meets our standards for sale as grade 1 premium cultured live rock. Customers can expect a robust coralline algae coverage as well as a thriving micro and macro invertebrate culture to be present. AA also offers a cultured live rock product which we refer to as 150 day ultra premium cultured live rock. The extra 60 days of polishing and exposure makes a beautiful product even better. This cultured live rock is for the discerning aquarist who wants a start up reef to come with a special pop right out of the gate.


How Does Aquarium Arts Ship Live Rock?
When live rock is ordered, a delivery date is set and the customer is given a tracking number which enables the continuous tracking from pickup to delivery. On the afternoon before the delivery date the rock is carefully placed in plastic bags with enough water to maintain a saturated atmosphere, packed in styrofoam boxes (with hot or cold packs , as necessary) and packed with crumpled newspaper for padding and added insulation. The styrofoam box is securely sealed and placed in a reinforced cardboard box which is sealed, and picked up by OnTrac in the late afternoon.

To see photographs of our packing procedure – just click here!

Before we ship, we check the weather conditions in your area (and enroute). If we feel there is a good possibility that the shipment will be delayed, we let you know by phone and let you decide if you want to risk shipping into bad weather which may cause delays, etc. If you decide to have the rock shipped against our recommendation, all refund policies are null and void. Our weather assessments are based on on-line weather predictions and we will not be responsible for any errors. You will be contacted on the day of shipment to confirm your order. The shipment can be tracked on the OnTrac web page from the minute it leaves Bakersfield until it arrives at its destination.

We pack our product based on a 48-hour journey. If there are no major delays or temperature shocks from handling and the rock is placed in the aquarium as soon as it arrives, it suffers no damage. If the aquarium is in good condition, the rock doesn’t “skip a beat.” Obviously, a product of this quality costs more!

What Determines the Value of Live Rock?
The value of cured cultured live rock comes from its role in a saltwater reef aquarium where the reef is the major filtration system. How so? First, the bacteria and algae on the rock remove chemical compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus, which can be toxic to animals and the algae consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, all of which are advantageous to aquarium animals.

Quality Pledge
The live rock reef is your biological filter. What benefits, do you as a customer, realize when purchasing live rock from Aquarium Arts?
Beginning saltwater aquarists often are not prepared for the costs of a reef system. After getting the necessary equipment – lights, pumps, skimmers, heaters, coolers, etc. there isn’t much left for the reef, but remember that the live rock is your biological filter so it is best not to skimp on the foundation of your entire system. Budget-minded novices have a natural tendency to buy lesser quality synthetic fake “live rock” for less money. Don’t make that mistake! The other live rock products available are made from plastic or cement as well as many other mediums that provide a nitrifying bacterial culture on the surface at best. Most of these products are not very poruss at all. When choosing a cultured live rock product porosity is crucial. Aquarium Arts premium cultured live rock is created using a 100% natural base product from the south pacific. This insures a 100% natural product from the foundation up. It also insures that the presence of unwanted hitch hikers is strictly monitored and meticulously controlled.

The benefits of Aquarium Arts fully cured rock are:

  • rapid delivery
  • no cycling time/instant reef within 24-hours after arrival
  • no nasty smells from uncured rock in your home or office
  • no further labor after the initial delivery and aqua-scaping
  • no time consuming, costly water changes to cure the rock
  • no starter fish (mollies, damsels, etc.)
  • fish and coral introduction with moderation, within 24-hours of delivery and live rock aqua-scaping
  • very user-friendly for all sizes and shapes of aquariums(Thousands of pounds to choose from)
  • Every order is personally hand selected and custom packed
  • Every order is a custom order; large or small
  • Honest and reliable information before and after your product arrives
  • fully guaranteed to arrive in great condition
  • Environmentally sound and responsibility cultured using solar electricity and environmentally friendly natural gas heating
  • Extensively exposed to South Pacific seed algae and invertebrate cultures, not bagged bacteria cultures


By the time you consider all of the qualities listed above it should make sense to purchase a fully cured and cultured natural live rock product guaranteed.
It’s worth the price!

FYI: We have seen comments on several aquarium forums that say something like “Even if you buy cured cultured live rock, after it is shipped to you, it has to be cured again, because it ‘dies’ during shipping.” THIS IS NOT TRUE OF Aquarium Arts’ PRIME CURED CULTURED LIVE ROCK ™ because of our complete culturing, secure packing, and speedy delivery to your door there is no need for further curing.

And don’t think about adding uncured rock to an established tank – the results would be disastrous! The uncured rock will pollute the system, cause all kinds of changes in water condition, increase the level of pollutants, and seriously damage most or all of your system. We regularly get distress calls from aquarists who lost valuable animals (and time) due to adding uncured rock to their tanks.

After being in the industry for 30+ years Aquarium Arts also understands that budget and economics come into play when establishing a reef tank. Because of Aquarium Arts fully cured and cultured live rock product the reef structure in large aquariums can be built in stages. Adding Aquarium Arts fully cured and cultured Live Rock to an established aquarium will NOT result in ammonia, nitrite or nitrate water quality issues.