Preparing an order of our prime cured live rock for shipping is a detailed operation that is performed carefully and quickly.

First, we form a cardboard box and securely tape the bottom flaps, inside and out.

Then several layers of newsprint are placed in the bottom of a styrofoam “lobster” box.

The styrofoam box is lined with a large sheet of heavy plastic film.

Two large heavy duty plastic garbage bags, one inside the other, are placed inside the sheeting.

Now the pieces of rock are selected. The rock has to smell good and look good before it is picked to send to you.

The rock is carefully placed in the box, putting the large pieces on the bottom and the smaller ones between or on top.

Enough tank water is added to insure that the rock will remain saturated.

The inner plastic bag is twisted and closed with a rubber band.

The outer bag is closed.

Now the ends of the clear plastic sheeting are overlapped over the sealed bags and taped.

Crumpled newspapers are used to fill the voids and cushion the rock.

A heat pack (or two, or a cold pack or two) is wrapped in paper and placed on the outside of the plastic bags.

The styrofoam lid is sealed and reinforced with transparent tape.

The sealed styrofoam box is placed in the cardboard box which is closed and sealed.

The corners and edges are taped securely.

“FRAGILE” stickers are added to the box.

Finally, an envelope containing your invoice and our return address is adhered to the top of the box.

Packed and ready for delivery.