Indonesian Coral Exportation Ban Update

For all of us in the industry, we are fully aware of the turmoil and volatility that goes hand-in-hand with the import-export trade in worldwide live commodities. As of May of 2018, the industry was blindsided by complete export closures from many island nations and republics of Indonesia. Indonesia is a vast area which includes more than 17,000 islands. All exports of live rock and corals, both wild harvested and mariculture alike, are no longer available to the world markets from this vast area. Unfortunately, the Republic of Fiji is also involved in this exportation ban. As of this proceeding, there is no end in sight for this vast region due to the politics involved.

This is a major blow to the ornamental saltwater coral trade in the United States and Europe. The United States is a top player and importer in the global fish and coral market. Aquarium Arts was luckily prepared for just this volatility. With over 30 years of experience in the import and export business, Aquarium Arts set aside over 2,000 lbs of prime air freight wild collected Fiji live rock over the past several years. We are now using this cache as a seed culture for our new premium cultured South Pacific live rock. Aquarium Arts now offers an environmentally sound and 100% natural cured live rock product cultured in the United States of America.

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Marty Murphy

Aquarium Arts CA