How to order

If you have questions about our cultured live rock, or want to order cultured live rock, call us (661-340-2994) or send a number and “best time to call” and we will call you (See attached form below). We can serve you better by talking to you than by spending a lot of time emailing back and forth.

If you prefer to email us, put “Live Rock” in the subject line and clearly state your name.

This ensures that all specifics regarding your order are noted. Thus making sure that customer service and quality assurance remain at the highest level possible.


Shipping method: OnTrac, western region only, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona

Terms of Sale: When we accept an order, we charge the cost to your credit card at that time and set a future shipping date; unless the product is back-ordered. In that case a 50% deposit will be charged and a tentative shipping date will be discussed. The remainder of the cost will be charged to the card on or about the date of the shipment.

Orders that are cancelled on the shipping date (after the rock is packed) will be charged a 50% re-stocking fee and 50% of the total deposit will be refunded to your credit card. If an order is cancelled before the shipment (packing) date, a 25% processing fee will be charged.

If an order is placed and the purchaser does not request shipment within 60 days of the order date, the order is void and the deposit will not be refunded unless further contact and arrangements have been made. Extensions of shipping dates must be submitted by email to

If a purchaser requests a refund of his payment, the request must be made by an email to

Retail Walk-in customers are welcome, by appointment, and can hand select pieces of fully cured and cultured south pacific live rock from a stock of thousands of pounds for $7.99 per lb. + box charge and California sales tax. You should bring a container (insulated box, ice chest, etc.) to avoid packing/box charges.

Large show pieces are available upon request. Acquiring large pieces to meet your specifications may require additional time and packing materials. We try our best to accommodate the needs of our reef customers.

How Can You Safely Buy “Sight Unseen?”
Anytime you buy something you have not seen from someone you do not know, you are taking a chance.
-If you are not too confident about the deal, call the supplier and ask questions. If no one will talk to you, go elsewhere.

-Ask for names and states of satisfied customers. Only the honest, reliable dealers will provide that. Customers pleased with their purchase usually buy repeatedly and are willing to be references. Honest dealers are interested in repeat customers, not one-time buyers.

We pride ourselves on establishing a rapport with our callers and clients and providing the highest quality product and an honest, reliable service. We believe that speaking to each individual customer is a very important step in the educational process that will result in the best possible outcome for your system. In fact, most of our live rock customers are so impressed with our product and service that they often buy more rock and then order livestock and equipment.

-Finally, if you aren’t absolutely sure about the dealer, make a test purchase. Buy 10 or 20 lbs. Shipping costs will be a bit higher, proportionately, but not enough to break you. In most cases the cost per pound of our rock, even with the high shipping cost, is less than prices in the local fish store. When you see the quality of our rock, you will probably elect to order the remaining rock that we recommend for your system. For larger orders the cost per pound drops.

If you can afford cured cultured rock, you save money and time in the long run because you get an established reef immediately! You can introduce livestock safely within hours and will have a lower mortality of fish and inverts. You can really enjoy a beautiful, easy-to-maintain system as soon as you set it up.

Another old saying you should remember: In the long run, you get what you pay for!

Due to the sensitive nature of our Cured Cultured Live Rock, we need to talk directly with our customers when ordering. Please fill out the form below to have us contact you or feel free to call us anytime at 661-340-2994 regarding your order.