Providing the highest quality
fully cured and locally cultured live rock
for 35 years

Why Cured Cultured Live Rock?

Buying cured cultured rock will save you time and money in the long run, and you get an established reef immediately! You can introduce the livestock you desire, not “starter” fish, safely within hours and will have a lower mortality of fish and inverts. Introduce permanent desirable species like tangs, angels or clowns, instead of mollies or damsels into your new tank. You can really enjoy a beautiful, easy-to-maintain system as soon as you set it up.


Fully cured and cultured live rock

Our live rock is fully cured and 100% cultured. INSTANT REEF or FISH ONLY REEF. Our cultured live rock has been curing for 90 days minimum, some much longer! Cultured South Pacific live rock available:

  • South Pacific Elk Horn Branch Sm, Med, Lg
  • South Pacific Ornate Shelf Sm, Med, Lg
  • South Pacific Premium
  • South Pacific XLG Premium

Attention Saltwater Retailers

Would you like to quickly increase your profits on corals, inverts and saltwater fish, while gaining the trust of your customers?

About Aquarium Arts


Aquarium Arts is a small, owner operated, solar powered marine reef supplier located in Bakersfield, CA. For thirty years, we've provided the highest quality cured live rock, education and now cultured South Pacific live rock as well as innovative products to the aquarium industry.

We have proudly served public and private institutions, NASA, public aquariums, aquarium clubs and societies, retailers and hobbyists for over 3 decades and specialize in fully cured and 100% locally cultured live rock, education and innovative reef products. Our goal is to set the standard for customer service and delivery of premium marine aquarium products.


"Just thought I would update you on the nano reef you helped me with. I set up a 6 gallon tank with 10 lbs of Aquarium Arts live rock. The tank has been going for almost three years. The tank contains one ocellaris clownfish, one cleaner shrimp a candy cane coral, a duncan coral and several disk anemones. The tank has no filtration except for a circulation pump and live rock. I change 1 gallon of water a week and that is it. The candy cane coral has outgrown the tank, and the duncan coral has grown tremendously. I think the quality live rock is the key to the whole thing. Thanks."

- Cleve

"I want to thank Marty from Aquarium Arts for helping me get the perfect scraper for my acrylic tank. Since my aquascaping took up most of my tank space both vertically & horizontally, i needed a scraper that could reach the bottom of the tank but not disturb the corals that were close to the glass. Marty didn't have the size i needed in stock, so he manufactured one especially for me. It arrived at my door the next day!

I've been using it for the past three months and could not be more pleased! I have arthritis in my hands and cannot put enough pressure on the other scrapers i've tried for any length of time, but with the Aquarium Arts scraper, i can clean the whole tank without incurring any pain in my hands. The sharpening stone that comes with each scraper allows me to always keep the edge sharp, thus maximizing it's effectiveness & reducing the time needed to clean.

I cannot say enough about Marty's exceptional customer service nor praise his product enough: both are the bomb! I will be ordering the new curved scraper to get the rounded front corners. Thanks Marty for making my tank sparkle with very little effort."

- Lyn

"Marty, Once Again You Have Done an Exemplary Job! I received my 5 pounds of live rock yesterday. What a terrific selection you made. I love the variety of pieces. I am astounded at the time you took for such a small purchase. Well, you did it before with a 10 pound shipment. I would never buy live rock from another vendor. My water readings are perfect. Here's what my set up looked like the day after I received my rock."

- John

"...All I have to say that this is the best rock that I have ever seen. I have been in the hobby for 15 years and this stuff is just awesome. I am always a little concerned when purchasing online but you made it easy with your knowledge and your sincere desire to help me make my own little part of the reef. I highly recommend Marty to the novice or to the expert. Thank you again."

- Pete

"Hi Marty. Thanks again for your help! I was very pleased with the service I received from Aquarium Arts. After trying many different tools and methods to clean a scratched acrylic tank, I ordered the Durable Acrylic Algae Scrapers. This is definitely the best tool I have tried! I was beyond satisfied with this purchase. Thank you again for all of your help!"

- Megan

"This is my second time purchasing from Marty, and the second time around was no less amazing in terms of product quality and service. Marty was very prompt when it came to quoting me a price for my liverock, and was very patient with any questions I had for him. The liverock I received from him came very well packaged and was truly premium quality; no funky smells or die off. Rest assured that you are in good hands with Marty. He knows how to take care of his customers and his liverock is that good!"

- Alson from South San Francisco

"Marty, thank you so much for helping with my salt tank. You are very knowledgeable and helpful with ideas and knowing what works and what doesn't. No more pet stores for me. Thanks."

- Carol