Acrylic Algae Scrapers

Rust Free, Hassle Free

Acrylic Algae Scrapers – Patent Pending

Soon after your reef aquarium is set up, the live rock develops a richer purple coating of coralline algae and after that the same colorful growth appears on the walls of your tank. At the same time a very tough “spot algae” appears. This is attractive on the back and ends of your tank, but on the front it obstructs the view and must be removed, especially near the bottom and in the corners.

Removing this tough algae from the wall of an acrylic tank requires a lot of pressure on an ordinary acrylic mesh algae scrubber pad. Also the blade-type scrapers on the market are generally lightweight and the blades must be changed frequently. Our acrylic scrapers are a much more precise algae removal tool for hard to reach spots and sub straight acrylic boundaries than the magnet cleaners currently available.

Aquarium Arts has found a solution to this problem – we have made a very durable, effective scraper to handle the toughest coralline/spot algae without damaging the walls of your acrylic tank and they work really great on glass surfaces as well.

Our scraper is hand-made of 3/8″ thick re-cycled clear acrylic, slightly bent at one end with a 18 degree angle with blade edge. This one-piece tool is a real time saver! Transparent, no moving parts, nothing to break, no blades to replace, lasts forever.




Several standard sizes are available.

  • The XLG size is 2.25-2.5″ wide and 22-24″ long, this will give you plenty of pressure at the bottom of a 30″ deep tank to effectively remove the algae.
  • The Large size is 2.25-2.5″ wide and 13-15″ long
  • Medium size is 2.25-2.5″ wide and 6-8″ long

The cleaning edge of the scraper gets dull with use but is quickly restored with a few strokes of a dry sanding block.


Each of our scrapers is drilled to take a lanyard for hanging or to attach to your wrist so you don’t drop it in the tank.

Current prices for packages of these scrapers are:
Extra Large Scraper, lanyard, and sanding block- $69.95 plus S&H (USPS)
Large scraper, lanyard, and sanding block- $44.95 plus S&H (USPS)
Medium scraper, lanyard, and sanding block – $34.95 plus S&H (USPS)